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Change is not easy for many people.  We are here to help you work through the transitions in your life that help you grow and change.

Personal Life Coaching

Personal Life Coaching is about building a relationship and we take these relationships seriously. This journey is about two people, coach and client, engaging in an intimate conversation, one drawing out the other in a gentle yet intentional way to discover the answers that already exist within you.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching is about finding out how you want to spend the rest of your working life, whether you are just graduating from college, are considering a mid-career transition or are having to work through other career related changes. We help you find the answers within yourself.

Life Coaching for Men

For men who want to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life full of confidence and purpose.

Relationship Coaching

Create a dynamic, respectful, and romantic “conscious relationship” that compliments your journey together. 

Life Coach for Women

Whether its career, relationships, family or entrepreneurial, we help you push through doubts, fears, and barriers, external or internal.

Career Counseling

Consulting specializes in career exploration, guidance and decision making for young (and young-at-heart) professionals.

What Is a Life Coach?

A life coach definition can vary depending on what your specific goals are. A life coach encourages and counsels clients on a range of professional and personal issues. Life coaching is distinct from giving advice, consulting, counseling, mentoring and administering therapy. You would hire a coach to help you with specific professional projects, personal goals and transitions. A coach helps you grow by analyzing your current situation, identifying limiting beliefs and other potential challenges and obstacles you face and devising a custom plan of action designed to help you achieve specific outcomes in your life.

Why Work With a Life Coach?

People choose to hire life coaches because they want to do more tomorrow than they can do today. They want to improve their output and see more growth, and they want to do those things quickly and to the best of their ability. All kinds of people use life coaches, including actors, business leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, executives, homemakers, managers, professionals, small business owners and start-up pioneers. These people all identify a gap between where they are and where they want to be, and turn to coaching when they want help reaching their goals. When you ask yourself what is a life coach and why should I work with one, you’re asking yourself why you’d want to unlock an extraordinary life.

What is The Process Like?

Starting with a FREE 30 Min.1 on 1 Consultation, we explore what your looking for in a Life Coach and determine, what the best approach for moving forward would be. Since Choosing a Life Coach is extremely personal, we also use this time to get to know one another and make sure we will be a good fit for each other.

1. FREE 30 Min. 1 on 1 Consultation
Choosing a Life Coach is deeply personal. So we offer a FREE 30 min. Consultation to get to know each other and make sure that we are a great fit.
2. Select Coaching Package

Decide how much time you want to spend working with a coach to make your life better every day!

3.Complete Payment

Individual sessions can be paid for as part of the appointment booking process or we can send you an invoice.  All sessions must be paid for, however, prior to the appointment,  We accept Paypal, Visa, MC, Discover, and even Venmo and Zelle.

4. Begin Coaching Sessions

Currently all sessions are done through video conference or telephone with the preference towards Zoom.  If you prefer a different option, please let us know ahead of time and we will try to make the necessary arrangements.  Due to Covid-19, no in-person appointments are being scheduled at this time.

A Message From the Founder


“We did the session spur of the moment and in spite of my lack of focus… he was able to guide me in a direction that was so necessary for me in the moment. He listened closely, and very quickly pointed me toward a solution. I was amazed that even when I thought the session was over, he asked one more question…which actually led to the crux of all of it. I was thoroughly impressed that [Russell] could have let that go, but he intuitively knew there was more.”

– Suzie, Nashville, TN

Russell has a genuine gentleness and sense of calm that is not only contagious, it makes him incredibly easy to talk to. He truly creates a judgement free zone where you can let your hair down and really work through your blocks while being guided to your goals.”

– Erica, Nashville, TN

“CRC life coaches seem to have an innate ability to focus in on the areas that need the most work without judging or trying to fit me into a mold.  They know and help me see what I am capable of.”

– Robyn, Nashville, TN

Coaching Packages

Single Session Package

One 45 minute session to quickly target and resolve whatever issue you bring to the table in a friendly safe and confidential environment.

More Details

One on One Sessions are focused on working through issues related to life transitions, relationship issues, career burnout, career changes due to situational circumstances, retirement, general lack of motivation, inability to break bad habits, addiction, or any other crisis that you may find yourself faced with.


Monthly Package

Our Monthly Coaching Package includes a minimum of four 45 minute 1-on-1 sessions that are to be used once per week over 1 Month.

More Details

Our Monthly Package is a great way to make a commitment to yourself and challenge yourself to grow and become the person you where meant to be. With Our Monthly meetings we dive deep into the issues you are looking to overcome and help you find the answers you are looking for.


6 Month Package

6 Months of Dedicated Weekly Sessions focused on helping you dive deep and explore the issues that have been holding you back.

More Details

Our 6 month package gives us the freedom to take th enecessary time to explore all of the issues that have been holding you back, and to help you challenge yourself to change the things you don’t want about yourself.


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